Get out of your routine and your sedentary life! 

Classes are very small, 2 or 3 people, providing personalized attention

Classes are fun and relaxed, and cater for all levels and ages.

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The following classes are currently available, but if these days do not fit with your schedule, contact me to discuss options:

Monday and Wednesday

Mornings- 9-10h / 10-11h / 11-12h

Afternoon 16-17h / 17-18h / 18-19h/ 19-20h

The cost is €50 per month 

Tuesday and Thursday

Mornings- 9-10h / 10-11h / 11-12h

Afternoon 16-17h / 17-18h / 18-19h/ 19-20h

The cost is €50 per month 

Before commencing a group Pilates class, an evaluation and personal interview is carried out to get to know each student and create an exercise programme tailored to their individual needs.

These classes are for you if:

  • You suffer from stress and anxiety, muscle pain and tension
  • You need to improve your body posture
  • You are recovering from an injury or operation
  • You want to get in shape or train for a sporting activity
  • You are following a weight loss diet and want to complement it with exercise
  • You want to get to know your body and connect with your natural movement
  • You want to do something different and socialise.

Jose Luis Ventura

Dancer and Pilates teacher

I have more than 30 years of experience

  • Trained at the Polestar Pilates school and at Pilates Wellness & Energy
  • Certified by the PMA (Pilates Method Alliance) nº 11426
  • Official title of the Superior Dance Conservatory of Madrid.


Who are group Pilates classes suitable for? 

Pilates is for everyone, all ages and all levels

Ideally, you should seek doctor’s approval to exercise and to ensure you do not have a medical condition or injury that prevents you from participating in a group Pilates classes.

What are the benefits of group Pilates classes?

Pilates can significantly improve your health at both an emotional and physical level.

Group classes enable you to socialize and learn from others.

In addition, group practice allows exercises between several people, making it more fun and dynamic.

Additional benefits are:

  • Increased self-esteem
  • Reduced back and neck pain
  • Enhanced sleep quality
  • Help to quit smoking

What do group Pilates classes involve?

Exercises are undertaken in a standing position and also sitting and lying on the floor

Typical Pilates devices such as balls, rollers, elastics and rings are used to enhance the movements

Additional disciplines such as yoga, dance, FeldenKrais, meditation and relaxation are also introduced to enrich the classes, make them more dynamic and create unique classes.